Hope Outreach Ministries Inc.

Hope Outreach Ministries Inc.


Hope Outreach Ministries, Inc. is a ministry seeking to minister to the whole person in every area of life through the development of Christian Faith and Discipleship. HOMI was organized and founded as a church in December 1983 by Apostle Sylvester Paul Brinson III.

Having participated in many areas of the Chicago Metro-Community both in the church and secular life, Apostle Brinson became sensitive to the fact that the church and its society needed to be drawn closer touching each other in a deeper and broader relationship. It is out of this heart-felt conviction and being led by the Holy Spirit that HOMI was established with the following goals and objectives.

To create a spiritual ethos by which one can relate harmoniously.
To stimulate the faith community (spiritually, mentally, physically) to a deeper understanding and commitment to the gospel.
To provide for nurturing, facilitating and enablement in the understanding and participation of the christian experience.
To engage in self-definitions of reasons for being.
To act as a catalytic agency in the resourcing for the Christian community.


Music and The Performing /Fine Arts – creative arts ministry, drama, etc.,

Prayer Outreach – ministry of intercessary, meditation and devotional life.

Wellness Institute – providing for holistic health through exercise, aerobic, health and body tone, nutritional guidance, massage therapy, etc.,

Hope Consortium of Pastoral Care and Mental Health Care Providers – to equip the Body of Christ for effective Holistic Spiritual care.

Hope Outreach Crusades – evangelistic ministries, revivals, conferences, crusades.

Hope Institute Bible College & Seminary, Center for Lectures, seminars and workshops.

Hope Outreach Ministries – Empowerment Center – Worship Centers, Brinson Institute

Center for Apostolic Empowerment (CAE) -Worship Centers, The Apostolic Empowerment Institutes

Prison Outreach – Life Changing Ministries- (Life Changing Ministries Fellowship) ministry to those incarcerated and after care.

Veteran’s Affairs – ministry to veterans, pastoral spiritual care and supportive services.

Development – Marketing and Provison for the developing of new strategies for vision implementation.

The Apostolic Company – Empowerment Network – (TACEN)   A Collaborative of Cutting EdgeLeadership and Apostolic Networks representing The Ministry, The Marketplace and The Municipality. The Kingdom of God in the Earth. for the purpose of Kingdom Building and Implementation. It is a     Multi-Ethnic, Trans-Denominational,  Cross-Cultural Fellowship facilitating voluntary  cooperation and accountability for the purpose of broadening horizons and expanding the scope of  Kingdom   Building.

The Empowerment Network – a Consortium of Cutting Edge Leadership and Apostolic Networks representing The Ministry, The Marketplace and The Municipality. The Kingdom of God in the Earth. It is Multi-Ethnic, Trans-Denominational, Cross-Cultural Fellowship facilitating voluntary cooperation and accountability for the purpose of broadening horizons and expanding the scope of Kingdom Building.

Hope Outreach Ministries International Inc.
Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Michigan, Canada

Apostolic Headquarters/Apostolic Regional Center
Apostle Dr. Sylvester Paul Brinson III – Governing Apostle
8600 South Bishop – Chicago, IL. 60620 (773) 616-1951
Email: apostledoc7@aol.com

Mailing Address:
14429 South Wallace Ave
Riverdale, IL 60827

State of Florida – Headquarters
Hope Outreach Ministries International Inc.
Apostle Ariel Timothy Brinson
Overseer Apostle – Florida District
P.O. Box 228 – Perry, Florida 32348

Southeast Regional Headquarters 
Apostle Dr. Ricky D. Carraway – Overseer Apostle
Apostle Life Changing Ministries Life Changing Ministries
1474 SE Village Green Drive
Port Saint Lucie, Florida 34952

State of Kentucky – Headquarters
Apostles Dr. Carl U. Sr. & Donna Smalls
Overseer Apostles Kentucky District
Restoration Worship Center
640 Olivia Alley – Radcliff, Kentucky 40160

Midwest Regional – Headquarters
Apostle Dr. Erskine Jones – Governing Apostle
Sweet Home Ministries
410 South Taylor – South Bend, Indiana 46601

State of Georgia – Overseer Apostle
Apostle Corey D. & Pastor Tania P Johnson Sr.
Apostle Primus
The Assembly of Churches of Faith International
Headquarters Church
Hands of Faith Deliverance Center
4068 Boulder Way
Conely, Georgia 30288

West Regional Headquarters
Apostle Aldrich D & TaMella Pierce – Overseer Apostles
Center of Hope Community Worship Center
8525 West Grand Ave.
Peoria, Az. 85345

Nigeria, West Africa Region
Governing Apostle – Apostle Dr. Gabriel Segun Ogunjobi

Los Angeles Metro District
Dr. Betty Marie Knight – Administrative Assistant

South Africa Region
Governing Apostle – Apostle Dr. Mishael I. Carson

Ghana Africa
The Apostolic Company Governing Apostle – Apostle Dr. E. Jehoshaphat Quartey

Atlanta Region / Georgia
Prophet Shanetha Hughes – HOMI Admin. Asst.

Texas Region
Pastor Lewis Williams – HOMI Admin. Asst.