Schools of Kingdom Leadership & Development

Schools of Kingdom Leadership & Development

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All of our Schools are accredited by

The Accrediting Association of Bible Schools and Theological Institutions Inc.


The Brinson Institute of Kingdom Leadership and Development (TBI) (South Bend, IN / Chicago, IL)
Apostle Dr. Sylvester Paul Brinson III

Body of Christ Bible Institute & Seminary (Chicago, IL)

Apostle Dr. Yvonne Lee Wilson

Christian Counseling Training Institute (Chicago, IL)
Apostle Dr. Shawnette Hougton

The Misrah Academy – Governmental Empowerment Center
(Chicago, IL Region)

Apostle Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw

Christian Heritage University (Chicago, IL)
Apostle Dr. Mary Trout Carr

Midwest Bible College & Seminary (Schererville, IN)
Rev. Dr. Barbara Davis-Taylor

Amazen Grace School of Ministry (Chicago, IL)
Evangelist Dr. Maria Sharron Carey

Prepared Soldiers School of Ministry (Chicago, IL.)
Apostle Dr. Steven Pettis

Nothing But Jesus Bible College (Chicago, IL)
Dr. Elaine Mizenburg

Temple Of Deliverence Bible Institute (Chicago, IL)
Apostle Dr. Eriq T. Harris Sr.

Ramah Institute of Theology (Chicago, IL)
Apostle Dr. Carol Sherman

Induce My Purpose Bible Institute (South Bend, IN)
Apostle Dr. Erskine Jones

Life Builders Prophetic Institute
(Ifo, Ogun – Nigeria, West Africa)
Dr. Gabriel Segun Ogunjobi

City On The Hill Bible College (Brakpan Johnesburg, – South Africa)
Bishop Mishael Carson

Titus Divinity College (Greater Accra, Ghana)
Universal Apostolic Training College
Esther Women School of Ministry
Jehoshaphat iMpact School of Ministry
The Church Board Institute
Jehoshaphat Educational Centre

Bishop E. Jehoshaphat Quartey Th.D., D.D.L., D.D.

The Order of Melchizedek Supernatural School of Ministry (Laveen, AZ)
Apostle Dr. Francis Myles

Maturing the Believer in Christ Development Center (Hammond, IN)
Apostle Dr. Sherman Arrington

Center for Wealth Education and Management (Chicago, IL)
Dr. Deena Marie Carr

Enlightenment Institute (Chicago, IL)
Bishop Lester Paul Bell TH.D

Covenant Keepers School of Ministries Consortium (San Antonio, TX)
Apostle John Davis, President

Life Changing Ministries Bible Institute (Chicago, IL)
Dr. Doris Holmes

RAM Bible Institute and Seminary (Houston, TX) 
Bishop Dr. A. R. Massenburg  –  —

The Identity Institute School of Ministry (Claxton, GA)
Dr. James Brewton

Triumphantly Transformed Bible College (Hawthorne, CA)
Dr. Betty Marie Knight  –

Jesus Is Loved Biblical Equipping Seminal (Chicago, IL)
Bishop Larry Johnson D.D.

Harvest Institute (North Aurora, IL)
Pastor Otis T. Burnes Sr.

Spiritual Revelations Kingdom of God Theological Institute (Georgetown, TX)
Dr. Carl Desmuke Sr.

Ecclesiastes School of Ministry and Seminary  (Chicago, IL)

Apostle Virgil Jones

The Better World Institute of Evolutionary Leadership  (Chicago, IL)
Prince Asiel Ben Israel

Global Theological Institute (Chicago Heights, IL)
Dr. Kenneth Franklin

Divine Christian Institute (Charlotte, NC)
Apostle George Dixon Jr.

Nehemiah Higher Learning Institute  (Gary, IN)
Apostle Dr. Thaddeus T. Brown

Linda C. Shearrill Bible Institute & Seminary (Chicago, IL)

Apostle Dr. Linda C. Shearrill

Kingdom of Divine Mind Institute & Seminary (Chicago, IL)
Bishop Desmond C. Battles Sr.

Richard Daniel Henton University  (RDHU) (Hammond, IN/Chicago, IL)
Apostle Dr. Mark Anthony Henton

Rehoboth Theological Institute (Matteson, IL)
Apostle Dr. Isaac David Harris Sr.

Mantle of God School of Ministry  (Maricopa, AZ)
Dr. Bryant K. Robinson

Ambassador School of Ministries  (Chicago, IL)
Apostle Dr. Joyce Oakley

The Ark School of Ministry (Chicago Heights, IL)
Kohane John J. Tatum

For His Glory Standing In The Gap Intercessory Training Institute (Chicago, IL)
Dr. Yvonne Perkins

Triumphant Bible Institute and Seminary (Fitzgerald, Georgia)
Apostle Dr. Anthony Mallory

Elisha University of Ministries (Hammond, IN)
Apostle Dr. Gregory Jacobs

Inner Peace Theology Institute (Houston, TX.)
Dr. Ronald D. Hopes

United Graduate College and Seminary International (Kampala, Uganda)

Dr. Clyde Rivers, Chief Chancellor


Larry Love University (LLC) (Tulsa, OK) 
Dr. Larry Love


Wheel of Compassion Institute Chicago, IL 60644
Bishop Lee H. Johnson, III D.D.